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Why is getting married in France so special?

Quite simply because the French know how to celebrate. As a French man once told me whilst I was on my 'around the world trip' - '' we French do not need to travel - we have everything we could possibly need in our own country' Which at the time I thought was slightly arrogant - now having lived here for 15 years and married to a Frenchman for 18 years - I can see his point of view - they do have everything.

Starting with the different areas in France - you can choose from the seaside, mountains, wine regions, provence, cities, roaming countryside, historic, modern, lively and elegant. You decide which areas works best for you and then you will find an abundance of venues.

The most important factor for me is the food - the French know how to eat. As an example - the aperitif, or 'apero' as often referred to - is a meal in itself. When you arrive at a French persons house for an evening - you are not served anything until everyone has arrived, then when everyone is there - an array of snacks, saussicon, regional delights will be served with the pastis, kir, champagne - what ever is your tipple. So as couple getting married in France, it is imperative to pick and choose what you like from the French food culture and add this to your wedding - I can guarantee it will delight and wow your guests.

Dance until the small hours of the morning- so if you want to dance until 4am - then all you need to do is make sure the venue you choose offers this - most have some restrictions - but there are plenty that allow late night dancing.

The weather - is amazing in the South - but the further North you go it is very similar to the Uk - however, the amazing food, beautiful scenery - will make up for the rain if it does decide to pour on your day.

So, if you are thinking of getting married in France - do give me a call and lets discuss how I can make this happen for you......

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