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The elements of a beautiful and successful wedding are many, however, the most important elements are your ideas and wishes. This is where we start, discussing in detail YOU - where did you meet? why France? your ideas and wishes? your style? Basically,  you will talk and I will  listen. I want your wedding to reflect you and we will spend time discussing this to ensure I have fully understood where you are coming from and your vision for your special day.


Budget is the next most important element.  Working out how many of your ideas and wishes are in reality financially feasible.  I generally provide three quotes for each supplier. These are sourced and based on your budget and style. If these are not to your liking, not a problem, I look for more until the right ones are found.  All the contracts with the suppliers will be in your name, I believe in transparency. Once all the suppliers are on board I start the planning side to ensure everything is on track for the big day.  

Read on for more details of each element which makes up your special day or days......

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